New Zealand Berryfruit Propagators



Potential strawberry propagators can apply for three types of licences (listed below). Applicants will need to demostrate their ability to meet a number of requirements that align with the Strawberry Runner Scheme. For more information on these requirements, contact Antonia Crawford on the Contacts page.

Types of Licences


1. Full Licence

To obtain a full licence, applicants will need to demostrate their ability to adhere to the Strawberry Runner Scheme. They must also hold either an interim or full licence previously before a full licence is granted.


2. Interim Licences

An interim licence may be granted for two years after which time applicants need to reapply for either an additional two years or for a special or full licence. Special conditions may be applied to interim licences, such as for specified varieties or markets.


3. Special Licences

Special licencees will be allowed to grow plants only for their own use and not for sale to third parties.